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FisioCalc is an aid tool designed to allow doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and students of these disciplines quick and easy access to various calculations related to respiratory therapy, that are part of everyday life of these professionals and students.calculated parameters by FisioCalc:
- Static Compliance;- Dynamic Compliance;- Maximum Inspiratory Pressure;- Maximal expiratory pressure;- Total resistance of airways;- FiO2 desired;- Respiratory Rate desired;- Glasgow Scale;- Braden scale;- Body mass index;- Ideal weight;- Tobin Index;- Oxygenation Index- Clearance of Creatinine (Cockroft-Gault formula);- Arterial blood gas analysis.
At no time this app intended to replace the evaluation and diagnosis of a doctor, so if in doubt, a doctor should be consulted.
This app is the full version without any commercial or banner ad. This also does not require any special type of permission, such as unwanted recording data on the device or access the internet.
Version history:
- 1.0.0 en: initial release only in Portuguese.- 1.0.1 en: bug fix that prevented booting FisioCalc on some devices.- 2.0.0: translation to English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian, new parâmetos Braden Scale, Ideal Weight, creatinine clearance (Cockroft-Gault formula) and arterial blood gas analysis.